Production Manager

Trelleborg is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions for almost every industry on the planet. And we are where we are because our talents brought us here. By specializing in the polymer engineering that makes innovation and application possible, Trelleborg works closely with leading industry brands to accelerate their performance, drive their business forward—and along the way, shape the industry and progress that will benefit humankind in the exciting years ahead. 


USA - Randolph, MA

The Production Manager plans, directs, and manages all daily production activities (materials management, personnel supervision, process implementation, etc.) on the production floor to meet customer needs and achieve standards related to safety, quality, productivity, cost, and on-time delivery. Supervisor responsibilities fall into 4 main competencies, which include: Communication, Managing People, Problem-solving and Decision-making, and Change and Innovation.

Supervisory Responsibilities: (Number direct/indirect reports)

·       Direct reports: 14-48 Production Operators


Essential Duties:  (list in priority order with most important duties listed first)

·       Control of production resources so as to achieve maximum productivity and material utilization within the requirements of the production schedule.

·       Management of production department employees so as to optimize their contribution to the Company with particular emphasis on efficient individual and team working through adequate communication and training.

·       Ensure strict compliance with all Standard Operating Procedures with particular reference to health, safety and quality

·       Communicate and ensure compliance, implementation, and maintenance of all aspects of Trelleborg's HSE Policy and Management System.

·       Maintain productivity and efficiency of the workforce enforce company safety and conduct policies, and establish a chain of communication among the employees.

·       Motivate team to meet production schedule with quality and on-time delivery, and help them develop their skills through coaching, mentoring, and training.

·       Actively manage the performance of team members including writing and delivering performance appraisals and taking disciplinary action when warranted. 

·       Schedule employees to support production of product to meet customer delivery, while minimizing overtime, and excess labor costs and monitoring all employee attendance concerns, productivity shortfalls, and rework issues.

·       Reduce occupational injuries inherent to the area by auditing, and requiring all employees to wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times.

·       Understand and work within job classification skill levels, compensation programs, overtime provisions, performance appraisal, corrective discipline, vacation scheduling, payroll processing, complaint process, etc. and administer with subordinates.

·       Build people capability through effective employee relations, hiring, training, and communication for employees.

·       Coordinate maintenance needs for departmental operations and research ways to run equipment more efficiently.

·       Interact with cross-functional groups to improve operation/process efficiency affecting quality and on-time delivery

·       Identify and report manufacturing inefficiencies

·       Interact with other departments as necessary to complete processes and resolve issues.



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