Sales Assistant-Admin

Trelleborg 是工程聚合物解决方案的全球领导者,其解决方案适用于我们这个星球上几乎每个行业。我们取得现在的成就全是因为我们的人才所致。Trelleborg 专注实现创新和应用的聚合物工程,和行业领先品牌密切合作以提高他们的业绩,推动他们的业务向前发展 - 一路上塑造行业、实现进步,在令人振奋的将来使人类受益。



Job Description:

  1. Work closely with the sales teams to prepare sales statistics and reporting documents.
  2. Deal with the sales contract and related quality system document preparation.
  3. Deal with customer information and sales price input and maintenance in system.
  4. Coordinate with customer survey annually.
  5. Take care of invoices processing of all customer timely and accurately within systems and procedures.
  6. Take care of tooling & test amortization follow up.
  7. Sales administration works of business trip preparation, appointment, hotel/ticket booking, document preparation etc.
  8. Excellent Communication skills ; Positive relationship builder; Strong influencing and interpersonal skills
  9. Other possible works assigned by management.

Qualifications and Experience:

  1. Commercial sales background. College diploma or above. Validated experience for at least 2 years as commercial sales administration.
  2. The ideal candidate is fluent in English reading and writing, fluent oral English will be a plus. And should be proficient with MS Office suite and with CRM tools.
  3. Pronounced proactive approach, willingness to work in a multinational environment and team spirit are recommended skills to complete the profile.
  4. Responsible, careful and patient personality.


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